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Mariana and Robert's Intimate Enlightened Brewing Co wedding and View MKE dinner // Milwaukee Wedding // Happy Gnome Photography

One of the things I love most about weddings is how unique they are to each couple.  I've been to weddings with 400+ guests and one where there were 7 people total, including me!  Some couples spend months to years planning their big day and some couples get it done in a much shorter time frame.  
Mariana and Robert planned their wedding in two weeks.  Her family came from Mexico and his from Germany.  Everyone happily pitched to help make the day a celebration to remember.  Enlightened Brewing Co graciously welcomed them into their space for the ceremony and  View MKE was the perfect location for some amazing pizza afterward!
I love that their wedding was untraditional.  Mariana wore a gorgeous white jumpsuit and some killer heels.  Family and friends helped make snacks and decorated the brewery.  There was no walk down the aisle.  Mariana and Robert found their way to the front and invited everyone to grab their beers and join them. Vows were exchanged in their native languages…

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