Molly and Andy's Discovery World Pilot House Milwaukee Wedding

When Molly and Andy reached out to me about photographing their wedding day I suggested that we should get together for coffee to get to know each other.  Andy's response was "How about lunch?  There's a great barbecue place we've been wanting to try!"
Andy and Molly, I just want you to know that you had me at "barbecue."

Sometimes my favorite parts of a wedding are the ones that no one planned for.  So yes, Andy may have broken a cufflink (which he then went down to the basement to solder back together!) and Molly may have had a veil that we almost lost in the lake.  Those are the stories from their day that they will remember forever and I'm so glad that Liz and I were there to capture them all.

There are so many things I could say about Molly and Andy and their relationship.  But I think I'm just going to say this.  Every bride deserves a groom who looks at her the way Andy looked at Molly.  Seriously, all the feels.

Molly and Andy, I know that you are going to share a lifetime of happy memories together.  I know you're always going to look at each other just the way you did that day.  Thank you for letting me share these special moments with you.  And please let me know the next time you're free for a barbecue lunch date! 

And special thanks to Elizabeth, my amazing second shooter!  She always knows how to capture the magic!


  1. So beautiful! I love this wedding and these pictures!!!

  2. Wow, down to the details, this wedding is insane! I love all the tears from the Groom and the pie instead of cake, how fun!!

    1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love happy tears from grooms!


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